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Steven J. Lawson

The heroic bravery of Martin Luther

The heroic bravery of Martin Luther

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Martin Luther was a pioneering reformer, an accurate theologian, a prolific author, an intense apologist, a captivating teacher, and much more. But above all this, Luther was a preacher, one who declared the truths of God's Word from the pulpit with heroic courage.

During the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, the reformers' most effective tool was the pulpit; all of them were gifted preachers. This was especially true of Martin Luther, the man recognized as the father of the Reformation.

Luther used all legitimate means to make the truths of Scripture known. His strategies included the writing of books, treatises, pamphlets, and letters, as well as class outlines, records of public debates, and heated discussions in churches and at universities. But his main way of inspiring the Reformation was in the pulpit, where he proclaimed the truths of God's Word with great boldness. At a time when the church desperately needed to hear the truth, Luther's pulpit became one of the clearest and most powerful platforms for the Word of God that this world has ever witnessed.

In The Heroic Courage of Martin Luther , Dr. Steven J. Lawson presents the convictions and practices that fueled Luther's courage in the pulpit, providing an example for all preachers in an age where truth appears to be on the decline. again.

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Steven J. Lawson is the founder and president of One Passion Ministries, a ministry designed to bring a new reformation to the church. He is senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Alabama, director of the doctoral program at The Master's Seminary, and professor at Ligonier Academy.


"In The Heroic Courage of Martin Luther I found a Luther of whom little is said: a Luther who loved an inerrant Scripture, who preached a glorious gospel, who was passionate about the glory of God and for the people of God, who was willing to suffer for the cause. I am convinced that Steven Lawson has come closer than anyone else to capturing the heart of Luther's passion and longings as a minister of the gospel. As I read this book I find courage for my heart as I carry on. my weekly ministry. Read it too and find courage for yours!
- Dr. Sean Michael Lucas, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

"With 500 years of the Reformation just around the corner, this publication by Steven Lawson could not have come at a better time. Indeed, with a modern church so in need of the kind of preaching that Dr. Lawson portrays here, the "The message of this book is perhaps more vital today than at any time since the days of Luther."
- Dr. George Grant, pastor of East Parish Presbyterian Church

"Here we have a profile of Luther the preacher in all his passionate courage and searing, tenacious fidelity. Steven Lawson has captured the spirit of this volcanic reformer in a stunning way, and the result is deeply moving. This is one of the books to "I welcome it most in our times where the church is so desperately in need of reform. May this book help a new generation of Luthers rise up."
-Dr. Michael Reeves, Head of Theology at the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship in England


Author: Steven J. Lawson

ISBN: 9781944586409

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter size)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 144

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