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What is Poiema?

Poiema Publicaciones is a reformed, gospel-centered publishing ministry based in Medellín, Colombia. It is a not-for-profit that publishes and distributes great books all over the Spanish-speaking world.

The phrase that we use to sum up Poiema’s ministry goals is:

“The Gospel for Every Corner of Life.”

Why does the Spanish-speaking world need a ministry like Poiema?

Millions upon millions in Latin America and Spain have never heard the gospel. Poiema’s passion is to present the gospel in clear, accessible language and show how it transforms all of life –all of this so that our Sovereign God may be glorified.

Many of the millions who have never heard the gospel actually attend evangelical churches. While evangelicalism has grown by leaps and bounds particularly in Latin America, much of that growth has been in moralism and/or the “Name It and Claim It,” “Health and Wealth” prosperity gospel. These are modern examples of “another gospel” that Paul tells us in Galatians is no gospel at all.

Poiema publishes books that are attractive, affordable and accessible to the average person visiting a bookstore. With appealing titles that draw readers in, for many it is the first time they have been pointed to a real study of God’s word and come face to face with the beauty of the gospel.

What books have already been published in Spanish by Poiema?

1.   1 Peter For You, Juan Sánchez
2.   1 Peter for You study guide, Juan Sánchez
3.   50 Crucial Questions About Manhood and Womanhood, John Piper & Wayne Grudem
4.   Are These the Last Days?, R. C. Sproul
5.   Awe, Paul Tripp
6.   Because He Loves Me, Elyse Fitzpatrick 
7.   Biblical Theology, Roark Nick & Cline Robert
8.   Can I Know God's Will?, R. C. Sproul
9.   Can I Trust the Bible?, R. C. Sproul
10.   Christ Centered-Preaching, Bryan Chapell
11.   Church Discipline, Jonathan Leeman
12.   Church Elders, Jeramie Rinne
13.   Church in Hard Places, Mez McConnell & Mike McKinley
14.   Church Membership, Jonathan Leeman
15.   Creation Regained, Albert Wolters
16.   Descriptions and Prescriptions, Michael R. Emlet
17.   Discipleship, Mark Dever
18.   Does Prayer Change Things?, R. C. Sproul
19.   Don't Make Me Count to Three, Ginger Hubbard
20.   Encounters with Jesus, Timothy Keller
21.   Evangelism, J. Mack Stiles
22.   Exodus for You, Tim Chester
23.   Expository Preaching, David Helm
24.   Extravagant Grace, Barbara Duguid
25.   Five Points, John Piper
26.   Galatians for You, Timothy Keller
27.   Galatians for You study guide, Timothy Keller
28.   Glimpses of Grace, Gloria Furman
29.   Global Church Planting, Craig Ott & Gene Wilson
30.   God Saves Sinners, Oskar Arocha
31.   God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility, Theo Donner
32.   God's Very Good Idea, Trillia Newbell
33.   God's Wisdom for Navigating Life, Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller
34.   Goodbye to Goodbyes, Lauren Chandler
35.   Gospel Assurance and Warnings, Paul Washer
36.   Gospel-Centered Marriage, Tim Chester
37.   Gospel-Centered Life, Tim Chester & Steve Timmis
38.   Gospel-Centered Work, Tim Chester
39.   Grace upon Grace, Juan Sánchez (ed.)
40.   Heaven; It's Not the End of the World, David Lawrence
41.   Help! He's Struggling with Pornography, Brian Croft
42.   Help! I Want to Change, Jim Newheiser
43.   Help! I'm a Single Mom, Carol Trahan
44.   Help! I'm Depressed, Carol Trahan
45.   Help! My Anger is Out of Control, Jim Newheiser
46.   Help! She's Struggling with Pornography, Rachel Coyle
47.   Help! Someone I Love Has Been Abused, Jim Newheiser
48.   Hope When it Hurts, Kristen Wetherell & Sarah Walton
49.   How Should I Live in this World?, R. C. Sproul
50.   Hymns of Grace, The Master's Seminary
51.   Idols of the Heart, Elyse Fitzpatrick
52.   In Christ Alone, Sinclair Ferguson
53.   Instructing a Child's Heart, Tedd Tripp & Margy Tripp
54.   Judges for You, Timothy Keller
55.   Judges for You study guide, Timothy Keller
56.   Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung
57.   Key Doctrines, Edwin Palmer
58.   Living in the Light: Money, Sex & Power, John Piper  
59.   Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, Jim Newheiser
60.   Ministries of Mercy, Timothy Keller
61.   Missions, Andy Johnson
62.   New Morning Mercies, Paul Tripp
63.   None Like Him, Jen Wilkin
64.   Not Yet Married, Marshall Segal
65.   Romans 1-7 for You, Timothy Keller
66.   Romans 1-7 for You study guide, Timothy Keller
67.   Romans 8-16 for You, Timothy Keller
68.   Romans 8-16 for You study guide, Timothy Keller
69.   Seek and Find: Old Testament Bible Stories, Sarah Parker
70.   Shepherding a Child's Heart, Tedd Tripp
71.   Sound Doctrine, Bobby Jamieson
72.   The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read, Christopher Ash
73.   The Christmas Promise, Alison Mitchell
74.   The Daring Mission of William Tyndale, Steven Lawson
75.   The Dawning of Indestructible Joy, John Piper
76.   The Expository Genius of John Calvin, Steven Lawson
77.   The Friend who Forgives, Dan Dewitt
78.   The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross, Carl Laferton
79.   The God Who is There, Donald Carson
80.   The Gospel, Ray Ortlund
81.   The Gospel Call and True Conversion, Paul Washer
82.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Paul Washer
83.   The Gospel’s Power and Message, Paul Washer
84.   The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther, Steven Lawson
85.   The Holy Spirit, Geoffrey Thomas
86.   The Kind of Preaching God Blesses, Steven Lawson
87.   The New City Catechism Devotional, Collin Hansel (ed.)
88.   The Songs of Jesus, Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller
89.   The Unfolding Mystery, Edmund Clowney
90.   The Voice of Authority, George W. Marston
91.   The Walk, Stephen Smallman
92.   The Whole Christ, Sinclair Ferguson
93.   This Changes Everything, Jaquelle Crowe
94.   Treasuring Christ when Your Hands Are Full, Gloria Furman
95.   True Beauty, Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre
96.   True Worshipers, Bob Kauflin 
97.   Two Men from Malta, Joe Serge
98.   Tying the Knot, Rob Green
99.   Wake up Latin America! 95 Theses for the Church Today, Miguel Núñez
100.   Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering, Timothy Keller
101.   War of Words, Paul Tripp
102.   War Psalms of the Prince of Peace, James Adams 
103.   Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes, G. I. Williamson
104.   What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?, R. C. Sproul
105.   What does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?, Kevin DeYoung
106.   What is a Healthy Church?, Mark Dever
107.   What is Reformed Theology?, R. C. Sproul
108.   When Sinners Say "I Do", David Harvey
109.   Who Is the Holy Spirit?, R. C. Sproul
110.   Who Made Me? Children's Catechism, Poiema
111.   Wise Words for Moms, Ginger Hubbard
112.   Women and God, Kathleen Nielson
113.   Work Matters, Tom Nelson
114.   You Never Stop Being a Parent, Jim Newheiser & Elyse Fitzpatrick  

How and where has God opened doors for Poiema?

From very early on, God has amazed us with distribution opportunities all over the Spanish-speaking world.

Our very first year we put together an evangelistic book on the Proverbs that was designed to be given as a gift at Christmas. That first year several Christian business owners gave them to their clients and suppliers and distributed over 1500 copies. The following year the book won “Book of the Year” from the Latin American Christian publishing network. Last Christmas a pharmaceutical company in Cali, Colombia gave out 2,500 copies to its customers. We continue to receive testimonies from people who through reading this book have seen the gospel for the very first time.

As fruit of 40+ years of reformed ministry experience in Latin America, and of a lot of hard work since Poiema began, God has amazingly given us contacts that have begun distributing our books in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain. We've been able to get our books into Christian bookstores, airport bookstores, grocery stores and secular bookstores. Many churches order directly and use our books for small group studies during the week.

Depending on how much time you have, Poiema’s director David Adams can talk to you for hours about all the testimonies and incredible stories of how God has used these books to change lives. He is in Colombia, but has a U.S. based phone number where you can call him (602) 476-1602. You can also call Jim Adams at (480) 242-8500 or Diego Cardona in Medellín, Colombia (speaks English) +57 (311) 315-7754.

Who is part of Poiema?

Dr. James (Jim) Adams has been preaching, teaching and working with the publication of reformed books in Latin America since being sent to Colombia as a missionary in 1973. He was part of the same graduating class with Tedd Tripp at Reformed Episcopal Seminary and did his doctoral studies at Westminster Seminary in California.

Diego Cardona is a Colombian pastor and has been a church planter in Medellín for over 25 years. He studied at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia as well as at Trinity Western University in Canada. He is an excellent preacher and is known for his passion to see the spread of the gospel.

David Adams serves as the full-time director of Poiema and speaks at seminaries, churches and pastors’ conferences in his role of reformation and training. He was born in Colombia during the time his parents were missionaries and is a Colombian citizen. He gained an appreciation for Abraham Kuyper during his undergraduate studies at Dordt College in Iowa. After working as a Project Manager in the US for several years, he returned to Colombia and completed an MBA program in Medellín before starting Poiema.

How can you support Poiema’s ministry?

We believe that the biggest way that you can help Poiema is through prayer. Please pray for our work (translation, editing, distribution). Pray that God would extend the reach of our books. Pray for our readers!

You can also help by getting the word out about Poiema. Write us at info@poiema.co so that we can send you a monthly update. Follow us on Facebook. Recommend us to Spanish speaking friends.

Poiema is a not-for-profit organization. Our ministry has gotten off the ground through the generous donations of missions-minded believers who have a heart for Latin America and the Spanish speaking world. If you or anyone you know wants to give to help support Poiema financially or to champion a specific project, please write us at adams@poiema.co or if you’d just like to send a check, you can send it to:

Poiema Publicaciones
P.O. Box 2681
Mesa, AZ 85214

Please contact us with any questions or encouragement at: adams@poiema.co or info@poiema.co

Soli Deo Gloria