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Jen Wilkin

In His image

In His image

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God calls us to be
holy, loving, kind, just, merciful,
full of grace, faithful, patient, true and holy

As is he. And that's a good thing.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: “What is God's will for my life?”, when we should be asking ourselves: “What should I be like?” The Bible has an answer: be the image of God . By exploring 10 characteristics about God's being, Jen Wilkin helps us understand what God wants us to be. Through Christ, the perfect reflection of God's image, we discover how God's attributes impact the way we live, leading us to freedom and purpose as we follow His will and conform to His image.

You can read a small sample of the book here     


Jen Wilkin is a speaker, writer, and Women's Bible Studies teacher. She is the author of Woman of the Word and In Her Image.


“Who should I be? It is a question that many of us have not explored, at least not so explicitly. But the answer is essential for Christians. “Jen Wilkin helps us answer this question in this extraordinary book…her careful study of God’s Word and theology makes In His Image essential reading.”
- Trillia Newbell, author of God's Big Idea

“I encourage you to read this extraordinary book and enter into a beautiful journey that will lead you to know your Creator more and reflect His image.”
- Patricia Namnún, director of women's initiatives at Coalition for the Gospel; author of A Living Faith

“There is no more important topic, and few authors are able to communicate such a profound truth in such simple and enjoyable ways as Jen Wilkin.”
- JD Greear, pastor, author and president of the Southern Baptist Convention


Author: Jen Wilkin

ISBN: 9781950417353

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter size)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 160

Weight: 160 g

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