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Elisabeth Elliot

let me be a woman

let me be a woman

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Who are you?

Many Christian women rarely, if ever, ask themselves this question. But knowing who you are as a woman—and as a Christian—can make a big difference in how you see yourself and others.

Elisabeth Elliot can help you find answers that make a difference. She suggests that the place to start is not to ask, “Who am I?”, but rather, “Whose am I?” In Let Me Be a Woman , Elliot writes clearly about what it means to be a Christian woman.

Whether you are young or old, single, engaged, married or widowed, you will better understand how you fit into God's plan, and you will emerge with a wonderful sense of peace about who you really are as a Christian woman.

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Elisabeth Elliot (1926 – 2015) was a missionary, author, and renowned speaker. She was the wife of missionary Jim Elliot, who died a martyr while bringing the gospel to an indigenous tribe. He wrote more than twenty books, among which are Portals of splendor, Passion and purity and Calma alma mia. He is survived by his daughter Valerie Elliot Shepard and eight grandchildren. For more information about Elisabeth Elliot and her legacy, visit elisabethelliot.org.


What a joy to see this book in Spanish! Elisabeth Elliot is one of the women who has impacted my life the most... a woman with strong biblical convictions and a life testimony to back it up. This is a highly recommended book for every woman who fears God and desires to glorify Him in all stages of her life, in all her relationships and spheres of influence.

— Laura González de Chávez, Revive Our Hearts Director


Author: Elisabeth Elliott

ISBN: 9781955182546

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21cm

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 192

Weight: 190 g

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