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Dan DeWitt

The friend who forgives

The friend who forgives

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Have you ever spoken before thinking? Have you ever screwed up? Have you ever disappointed a friend? Pedro was that kind of person, he was wrong again, and again, and again. Who would want to be friends with someone like Pedro?!

Well, a very, very special man wanted to be, just as Pedro discovered him one morning on the beach...

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Dan DeWitt is associate professor of Apologetics and Applied Theology at Cedarville University, Ohio, and director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity. Dan and his wife, April, have four young children.


We don't need to look like Peter or sound like Peter to find ourselves acting like Peter - saying woe foolish things about Jesus Christ. So it's great to be reminded that Jesus is always a much better friend to us than we are to him.

— Sam Allberry, Pastor at Immanuel Church in Nashville and author of several books, including: What Does God Say About Our Bodies?


Author: Dan DeWitt

ISBN: 9781950417056

Dimensions: 22x26cm

Cover type: Hard

Number of pages: 36

Weight: 363 g

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