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David Lawrence

Heaven... is not the end of the world

Heaven... is not the end of the world

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Have you ever wondered how you will spend eternity? Do you think you'll spend your time floating in the clouds and playing the harp? To most of us, that sounds very boring!

But the biblical promise for the future is not to flee the world and go to heaven, but to live in a new creation. The last scene of the Bible is not that of our disembodied souls ascending from the earth towards heaven, but of the New Jerusalem descending from heaven… towards the earth!

This book explores the biblical theology of the new heavens and the new earth. Taking a journey from Genesis to Revelation, it will shake your traditional thinking to conform it to the Word of God. With that biblical basis, it invites you to imagine what that new land will be like and the life that will exist in it. The last chapter proposes some implications of this theology for your life… in your current reality, here and now!

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David Lawrence was a teacher and employee of the Scripture Union school ministry. He currently leads at Rock Christian Fellowship church in Yate, England. He has written several renowned books.


"Put away your wings and sell your harp, because this important book will challenge virtually everything you knew about heaven."
- Nick Mercer, Vice-Chancellor of London Bible College

"Very easy to read, practical and biblical [...] if your concept of heaven is a little vague or boring, you should read this book!"
- John Buckridge, editor of Christianity & Renewal

"Have fun reading this simple book and reflecting on our future hope. It will force you to return to the Scriptures and examine (and perhaps reframe) your worldview!"
- Jaime Adams, pastor and author of The Gospel: Freedom Beyond Bolívar


Author: David Lawrence

ISBN: 9789585845268

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter size)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 160

Weight: 199 g

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