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John Bunyan

The great journey of the little pilgrim

The great journey of the little pilgrim

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A pilgrim is someone who leaves home to embark on a great journey. John Bunyan believed that the Christian life is like a pilgrimage, with many joys and trials on the way to heaven. Pilgrim's Progress is the story of John Bunyan's experience as a Christian, but it represents the journey of all Christians.

The Little Pilgrim's Great Journey is based on John Bunyan's classic. It seeks to closely follow the original plot and also help children read and understand the story better.

Just as Pilgrim's Progress has inspired countless generations of Christians, we hope that this book will inspire many little pilgrims to begin their journey to the Celestial City.


John Bunyan's book is adapted by:

Tyler Van Halteren has a master's degree from Master's Seminary and has spent most of his life trying to inspire children and young people to follow Christ and know the Word of God.



Author: John Bunyan and is adapted by Tyler Van Halteren

ISBN: 9781955182423

Dimensions: 19x22.8cm

Cover type: Hard

Number of pages: 224

Weight: 850 g

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