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Paul Washer

The call of the gospel & true conversion

The call of the gospel & true conversion

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The apostle Paul gave full priority to the gospel in his preaching. He preached it clearly and even cursed anyone who distorted its truth. But today we see with sadness that many, even some who consider themselves evangelicals, have reduced the message of the gospel to a prayer that must be repeated and teach that conversion is a merely human decision.

​In The Gospel Call & True Conversion , Paul Washer confronts that “cheap grace” by examining the true meaning of faith, repentance, and receiving Christ. It also studies the effects of the saving grace that God promises in the new covenant: the creation of new hearts and a new people.

You can read a small sample of the book here ↓


Paul Washer served as a missionary and pastor in Peru for more than 10 years and founded the HeartCry missionary society. He is known by many thanks to his preaching published on the Internet, particularly for his “Shocking Message to Young People”, which has been viewed more than two million times. He currently serves in the HeartCry missionary society teaching and preaching the gospel.


“Being a Christian is not just about “making a decision for Jesus” or “turning the page”; It is a miracle of grace, in which a sinner is translated from death to life by the power of God. In The Call of the Gospel & True Conversion, clearly and brilliantly, Paul Washer helps us understand the truth; opens the Scriptures and explains how the power of the gospel should impact our lives as Christians. “This is a much-needed, challenging and pastoral book.”
- Greg Gilbert, pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church and author of What Is the Gospel?​

“By the sovereign grace of God, the ministry of Paul Washer has been particularly blessed to instruct this generation about the call of the gospel and true conversion. I highly recommend this simple but profound study on these essential topics.”
- Sam Waldron, academic dean of MCTS and author of The End of Time

“If Christ is going to be something in your life, it must be your whole life. That is the message of the gospel that we so need to remember and recognize in Latin America. There are no "half-Christians", since Christ came for a people zealous for good works, who bears good fruit, always united to Him. This book is a gift to help us as the Church of Christ not to deviate from this ancient beautiful and full of grace, and Paul Washer has been proven as a man faithful to the call of Jesus. Read it if you want to be challenged in your walk with Jesus, and live its truths if you want to glorify God in your daily life.”
- Jairo Namnún, executive director of Coalition for the Gospel


Author: Paul Washer

ISBN: 9781944586355

Dimensions: 15.2 x 22.8 cm (6 x 9 inches)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 208

Weight: 291 g

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