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Timothy Keller

Hope in times of fear

Hope in times of fear

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The accounts of Jesus' resurrection in the Gospels are the most dramatic and shocking ever told. One similarity unites each testimony: that none of His most loyal and steadfast followers could "see" that it was Him back from the dead. The reason for this is at the very foundation of the Christian faith.

He looked back and saw Jesus standing there, although he did not know it was Him. (John 20:14)

Hope in Times of Fear is a book that reveals to readers the meaning of Jesus' resurrection. Easter is considered the most solemn and important holiday for Christians. It is a time of spiritual rebirth and celebration of the physical resurrection of Jesus after three days in the tomb. For his devoted followers, nothing could have prepared them for the moment they encountered the resurrected Jesus. Each of them did not recognize him. Everyone saw him physically, but they did not see him spiritually. Only when Jesus held out his hand to them and invited them to see who he really was did their eyes open. 

Here the central message of the Christian faith is revealed in a way that only Timothy Keller could: filled with unwavering belief, penetrating insight, and a profound new way of seeing a history you think you know. 

After reading this book, the true meaning of Easter will no longer be invisible.


Timothy Keller founded Redeemer Church in New York with his wife Kathy and their three children. Through Redeemer City to City he has trained leaders who have started more than 300 churches in 50 cities around the world. Keller is the author of Encounters with Jesus, Gospel & Life and The Songs of Jesus.



Author: Timothy Keller

ISBN: 9781955182379

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Number of pages: 355

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