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Matt Merker

Community Worship: How the Church Gathers Us as God's People

Community Worship: How the Church Gathers Us as God's People

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What is the role of worship in the community as we gather as a church?

Christians worship God in church every week, but many do not know exactly what worship is or why it is worshiped. For some, worship is a warm-up before the sermon. For others, it's an intimate “me and Jesus” moment. But what does the Bible teach?
In this book, Matt Merker shows that communal worship is the gathering of God's people by His grace, for His glory, for the good of His people, and before the eyes of an expectant world. It offers biblical insights and practical suggestions for making worship what it is truly meant to be: a preview of God's people worshiping in community for eternity in the new creation.


Matt Merker (MDiv. SBTS) is director of creative resources and training for Getty Music and has contributed to several modern anthems, including “He Will Hold Me Fast.”


This book is short but significant and will help you understand the nature of communal worship in a biblical sense.

— Miguel Núñez, pastor; author of 2 Peter & Judas for you


Author: Matt Merker

ISBN: 9781955182492

Dimensions: 13.8 x 19.3cm

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 192

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