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Albert Wolters

Creation Recovered

Creation Recovered

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This book examines the framework of the biblical story: the perfect creation, a human rebellion that brings a curse on the earth, and a King who returns to redeem all of His creation. A book that refreshes our understanding and leads us to evaluate our worldview in the light of Scripture and conform it in a more faithful way to it. It is a book that has been translated into more than 8 languages, a key text in biblical study and that has transformed the way of thinking and living of many people.

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Albert Wolters is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Redeemer University in Ontario. He graduated from Calvin College and earned a PhD from the Free Univeristy of Amsterdam. He has written several articles related to the topic of the Biblical Worldview and its impact on society.


"A biblically and philosophically sound book. Creation Recovered offers insight that is refreshing and satisfying. Your theological biases aside, you have much to gain from reading this great book. I highly recommend it!"
- Randy Alcorn, author of Heaven and The Treasure Principle


Author: Albert Wolters

ISBN: 9789585718234

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter size)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 217

Weight: 263 g

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