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Miguel Núñez

Latin America wake up!

Latin America wake up!

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"Today, the church finds itself once again in need of a Reformation.
And we are protesting again!”

In Latin America, we live in times when the gospel of Jesus Christ is being diluted, compromised, sold and negotiated. This happens because we have moved the Word of God and the gospel to the background to make way for flashy, but unbiblical, doctrines and practices. For this reason, today's church and its leaders have the responsibility to stand in the gap and defend again what should be its "center of gravity": the Word of God. Only then can we impact this generation as God desires, with His truth, by His power and for His glory.

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther presented 95 theses with the purpose of reforming the church that had lost its direction. Now, in this book, Pastor Miguel Núñez, inspired by Martín Luther, follows his same method, and in a renewed 95 theses, explains the essential truths of faith that must be rescued for the Latin American church with an emphasis on the evangelical church. of our days. Theses can be read straight through, but they are also intended to be studied and discussed in small groups over several months.

This is our moment! Latin America, wake up!

You can read a small sample of the book here ↓


Dr. Miguel Núñez serves as the senior pastor of the International Baptist Church (IBI) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and is the president and founder of the Integrity and Wisdom Ministry. He is a member of the Gospel Coalition council, Co-author of Grace Upon Grace and author of other books such as Teachings that Transformed the World and Living with Integrity & Wisdom.



Author: Miguel Nunez

ISBN: 9781944586454

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter size)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 128

Weight: 184 g

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