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Timothy Keller

The Songs of Jesus

The Songs of Jesus

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It is difficult to set aside time each day to pray and meditate on the Word of God. And when we do, we feel a special attraction to The Psalms. There we find the Bible song book. Did you know that Jesus sang The Psalms in His daily life? He knew the 150 Psalms intimately and remembered them to face every situation, including His death.

Two decades ago, Tim Keller began the practice of reading all of the Psalms each month. The Songs of Jesus is the fruit of years of study, discernment and inspiration written down in his prayer notebooks. Kathy Keller learned to pray the Psalms during a time of prolonged illness. Together, Tim and Kathy have distilled the emphasis of each passage, inviting us to meditate on the great wisdom contained in the Psalms .

If you don't have a daily devotional life yet , this book can help you get started. If you already spend time studying the Bible and praying every day , The Songs of Jesus will show you depths in The Psalms that you probably haven't seen with the purpose of leading you to a more intimate relationship with God.

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Timothy Keller founded Redeemer Church in New York with his wife Kathy and their three children. Through Redeemer City to City he has trained leaders who have started more than 300 churches in 50 cities around the world. Keller is the author of Encounters with Jesus, Gospel & Life and The Songs of Jesus.


"Incredible...we should be grateful to Keller for his wisdom, erudition and humility."
-The Gospel Coalition


Author: Timothy Keller

ISBN: 9781944586263

Dimensions: 13x19cm

Cover type: Hard

Number of pages: 384

Weight: 440 g

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