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Kathleen Nielson

Women & God

Women & God

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Is God sexist? What does the Bible really say about women? Is there a way to see this message as not only something we should believe, but also something we can celebrate?

This enjoyable, conversational book answers difficult questions that many of us struggle with (whether we shout them or hide them). Join Kathleen Nielson as she searches for honest answers, and discover the surprisingly beautiful truth of what God says about women.

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Dr. Kathleen Nielson is a counselor at The Gospel Coalition, having served as Director of Women's Initiatives. She is married to Niel and together they have three children and five grandchildren. Kathleen loves to read, travel, and chat at length over a cup of coffee or tea.


“This book unpacks for us the difficult passages that we sometimes would like to avoid. Excellent and necessary, and totally recommended to both women and men.”
- Melissa Kruger; Women's Content Director, TGC

“What I like most about this book is not that it was written by a woman for women, but that it was written by a faithful Bible teacher who happens to be a woman. I am very happy to be able to recommend it.”
- Juan Sánchez, pastor; author of 1 Peter for you

“Kathleen does not shy away from difficult questions, she owes it to Scripture, and she deals with other perspectives with courtesy.”
- DA Carson, President, TGC; author of The God Who Is Present


Author: Kathleen Nielson

ISBN: 9781950417100

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter format)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 192

Weight: 230 g

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