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Paul Washer

Narrow gate, narrow path

Narrow gate, narrow path

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SPEAKING COSTS NOTHING , nor does it cost anything to make a profession of faith without repentance. However, we live in a time where people place more importance on a one-time prayer than on a life of continuous reflection born of a renewed heart. Taking Matthew 7:13-27 as his textual basis, Paul Washer reminds us what Jesus insists: His way is narrow, and those who walk in it must bear good fruit and rest on the solid foundation of God's Word. Those who have denied this warning from the mouth of Christ have been left on the brink of destruction. Do not think that you are on the way to Heaven if you do not follow the path of the Master.

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Paul Washer served as a missionary and pastor in Peru for more than 10 years and founded the HeartCry missionary society. He is known by many due to his preaching published on the Internet, particularly for his “Shocking Message to Young People”, which has been viewed millions of times. He is the author of the Recovering the Gospel series, and the books The Essential Means of Grace and The Gospel of Christ Jesus.


“Paul Washer brings a penetrating evangelistic message, which goes straight to the heart. This book is an expanded version of one of his messages, which has had a profound impact on countless souls. You are going to want to read these pages carefully because they will either expose unconverted hearts or bring the blessed assurance of salvation to those who have truly believed. May God grant that these striking truths find their way to your soul, for your eternal good.”
—Steven J. Lawson, pastor; author of The Preaching That God Blesses


Author: Paul Washer

ISBN: 9781955182225

Dimensions: 10.8 x 15.5 cm (minibook)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 64

Weight: 43 g

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