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R. C. Sproul

What is the faith?

What is the faith?

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A blind jump? Hope? Or something else?

We often hear people say, "You just have to have a little faith." But what is faith? Is it a blind leap in the dark? Believe something without evidence? How does the Bible define faith?

In this mini-book, Dr. RC Sproul analyzes the definition of faith in Hebrews 11—believing in God and living by His Word—showing how God's people throughout history have trusted Him even without knowing the future. Like them, when facing life's struggles, we must also trust in God.


Dr. RC Sproul was founder of Ligonier Ministries, first minister of preaching and teaching at Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Florida, first chancellor of Reformation Bible College, and executive editor of Tabletalk magazine. His radio show, Renovando Tu Mente, continues to be broadcast daily on hundreds of radio stations around the world and can also be heard online. He was the author of more than one hundred books, including The Holiness of God and Chosen by God.


The Crucial Questions minibook series, written by Dr. RC Sproul, offers concise answers to important topics that are of interest to both Christians and non-Christians.


Author: RC Sproul

ISBN: 9781642893922


Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 72

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