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Theo G. Donner

Reflections on the history of exegesis

Reflections on the history of exegesis

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Reflections on the history of exegesis develops topics such as:

  • Jewish exegesis as the background of Christian exegesis of the 20th century. YO.
  • The use of the Old Testament in the New Testament.
  • Developments in biblical exegesis in the Fathers of the Church.
  • Biblical interpretation in the Middle Ages.
  • Biblical interpretation in times of the Reformation.
  • An introduction to the birth and development of Biblical Criticism.
  • The Documentary Hypothesis and its relationship with exegesis.
  • The investigation of the Historical Jesus as an example of critical study in the New Testament.
  • The tension between faith and Criticism in biblical studies.
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Theo Donner: (Ph.D. University of Cambridge, England) was born in Amsterdam and raised in Luxembourg. Since 1983 he has been a professor of Historical Theology and Worldview at the Colombian Biblical Seminary. He is the author of the books The text that interprets the reader and Postmodernity and faith. Married to Sonja, they have five children and a growing number of grandchildren.



Author: Theo Donner

ISBN: 9781950417025

Dimensions: 17x24cm

Cover type: Rustic with flaps

Number of pages: 990

Weight: 1552 g

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