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Sophie de Witt

Compulsive comparison syndrome

Compulsive comparison syndrome

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How to experience true contentment

“I myself am a patient recovering from Compulsive Comparison Syndrome (CCS). It makes me feel nervous, hopeless, bitter and conceited. And I'm almost sure you suffer from SCC too. I don't want to sound rude. It's just that I rarely meet a woman who doesn't struggle with this.”

This book will help you identify the effects of Compulsive Comparison Syndrome in your life, see what causes it, appreciate the gospel message that addresses it... and discover how you can overcome it to a life of true contentment.

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Sophie de Witt is married to Chris and together they have three children: Molly, Zach and Joseph. He has enjoyed discipling university students in London and in Cape Town, South Africa, where he now lives.


“Perhaps when you read the title, you think that you do not suffer from SCC, but the Lord has given the author the ability to enter the female heart and bare it, to the point that you will see yourself reflected in these pages. Along with the diagnosis, Sophie offers us the treatment and how to apply it. I totally recommend this book, you will discover the power of the gospel to free you from compulsive comparison!” Yaneth Guerrero de Mendivelso, director of the A Sus Pies ministry

“This book is highly recommended! The way Sophie de Witt connects with you as a reader through the examples and the different forms that compulsive comparison takes helps you relate and, therefore, feel that the book is speaking to you. But it doesn't stop there, it shows us the solution and the path to true contentment."
Zarina Jaen de Calle, pastor's wife, mother and theologian


Author: Sophie deWitt

ISBN: 9781955182508

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21cm

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 112

Weight: 66 g

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