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Dane Ortlund

Surprised by Jesus

Surprised by Jesus

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When God-made-Man appeared two thousand years ago in Palestine, religious scholars rejected Him, but many social outcasts and prostitutes came to Him. Why? Because Jesus offered divine grace to anyone willing to leave their moral resume at home. This grace scares the religious system. Change all your rules. It's subversive.

Join pastor and bestselling author Dane Ortlund as he reflects on this subversive grace and how it emerges in surprising ways in each of the four Gospels:

• in Matthew, with disobedient obedience
• in Mark, when the King suffers the fate of a criminal
• in Luke, when the excluded become included
• in John, seeing the Creator of the universe become a creature

This book exists to overturn the innate legalism in our hearts and remind us of the outrageous mercy that Jesus showers on needy sinners, on people like you and me.

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Dane Ortlund is a pastor and bestselling author of Meek and Humble, I Take Refuge in the Lord, and Edwards on the Christian Life. He and his wife Stacey live outside of Chicago with their five children.


"Dane Ortlund is a prose craftsman, and more than that: he writes with theological discernment and a focus on applications for the heart. To read this book is to have a surprise encounter with the Savior."

— CJ Mahaney, pastor and author of Disciplines for Life

“I love the goal of Surprised by Jesus. It expounds the kind of grace that causes His disciples to love the Savior so much that they are willing to give their lives for His glory.”

—Bryan Chapell, pastor and author of Limitless Grace


Author: Dane Ortlund

ISBN: 9781955182782

Dimensions: Half letter (13.8 x 21 cm)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 176

Weight: 182 g

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