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Rachel Jones

A brief theology of the periods

A brief theology of the periods

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A journey for those who want to know more about the body, femininity, time, pain and its purpose, and also about how to have better days of the month

I imagine you chose this book out of pure curiosity . “A Christian book about periods? I hadn't seen that before." However, menstruations are part of life, just as the Bible talks about life. That being so, then God can—in fact, God wants to—speak about how we experience them. He wants to affirm, encourage, and challenge us as we seek to walk with Jesus every day of the month.

Furthermore, thinking about periods leads us to consider much broader questions such as the meaning of having a body and experiencing death. We will wonder what a woman is as well as the way God speaks, the purpose of humanity, and the meaning of life. We will meditate on our time management and what we will do in eternity, all from the perspective of the periods.

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Rachel Jones is an award-winning author of several books and an editor at The Good Book Company. He helps teach children and is part of the core missions team at his church, Chessington Evangelical Church, in Surrey, UK.


“Have you ever thought about your 'time of the month' in light of the gospel and your relationship with God? Me neither... until I read this book! Your body preaches to you, and you must listen to it with a biblical filter. I encourage you to read this short book to equip you to better understand your body, your emotions, and your feminine weakness in light of the Word and character of God.”
— Susi Bixby

“A fantastic theological reflection on menstruation (yes, really), full of pastoral insight and encouragement. It's great that someone is addressing this important topic, and even better that Rachel has addressed it so well. I am sure it will be a blessing to many women, but let me also encourage you to read it if you are a husband, father, brother, pastor or friend. If you want to take good care of half your family, half your church, and half the world, then this issue should matter to you.”
— Tim Chester, Crosslands Training faculty member and author of Exodus for You


Author: Rachel Jones

ISBN: 9781955182522

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21cm

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 128

Weight: 156 g

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