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Miguel Núñez

The power of the Word to transform a nation

The power of the Word to transform a nation

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The Word of God can transform a nation!

For hundreds of years Latin America has been considered Christian by sociologists and cartographers. Why, then, does the majority of Latin American society not reflect the transformative power of the gospel in its relationships, institutions and governments? Is it because the true, undiluted gospel has not been embraced by the majority of Latin American Christians? What can be learned from looking at America in its periods of evangelical fidelity and influence, and more recently, in the decline and degeneration of its spiritual life?

In this book Dr. Núñez provides a wide-ranging vision. The church is not only called to preach the gospel (although it is called to do so!). The church should not just focus on planting new churches (although it should!). As a people redeemed by God in a fallen world, both the church (and churches) and Christian individuals are to be the salt and light that permeate society with the transforming power of God's love in Christ .

When the pure Word of God is preached, believed, lived and shared, we see amazing effects in individuals, churches and societies! You might be thinking: Yes, I agree, but what exactly does that look like? Can you back up what you say with the Bible? Can you illustrate it with historical study? Can you give me specifics, perhaps even a detailed example of a faithful church that has successfully followed this model of gospel-centered transformation? . In this book, Dr. Núñez answers precisely those questions.

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Dr. Miguel Núñez serves as the senior pastor of the International Baptist Church (IBI) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and is the president and founder of the Integrity and Wisdom Ministry. He is a member of the Gospel Coalition council, Co-author of Grace Upon Grace and author of other books such as Teachings that Transformed the World and Living with Integrity & Wisdom.


"Miguel Núñez launches a prophetic call... This is a book that everyone who cares about the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Latin America should read!"
- Donald A. Carson, co-founder of Gospel Coalition (TGĆ) and author of The God Who Is Present

"This new book by Miguel Núñez is easy to read and comes at a key moment in the history of Latin America... I heartily recommend The Power of the Word to Transform a Nation."
- Darrow Miller, former staff member of the L'Abri community with Francis Schaeffer and author of Discipling Nations

"A dazzlingly revealing, readable, and wise analysis of the spiritual and moral condition of all of Latin America, with serious warnings for the United States as well. Núñez shows the weakness of various messages that do not present the true gospel that have influenced Latin America, and argues correctly that the only solution is the courageous proclamation of the entire Word of God with Power—A power capable of transforming entire nations again."
- Wayne Grudem, professor of Theology and Bible Study at Phoenix Seminary and author of Systematic Theology

"One of the most enriching readings I have had this year... This book by Dr. Núñez should be a reference, study and motivation book for every authentic believer in Latin America."
- Otto Sánchez, pastor, director of the Dominican Baptist Theological Seminary and co-author of Grace upon Grace


Author: Miguel Nunez

ISBN: 9781944586317

Dimensions: 13.8 x 21 cm (half letter size)

Cover type: Rustic

Number of pages: 240

Weight: 281 g

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