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Steven J. Lawson

The focus on the gospel of Charles Spurgeon

The focus on the gospel of Charles Spurgeon

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Charles Spurgeon is remembered as “the prince of preachers,” but his ministry was not based solely on his way of preaching. He preached the gospel of Jesus, the biblical doctrine of Christ, and called for a permanent faith, avoiding the double danger of dead orthodoxy and fervor without truth.

It is often said that Reformed theology, which emphasizes that salvation is a sovereign act of God, tends to diminish fervor for evangelism. However, this was not the case with Charles Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher of nineteenth-century London.

As Dr. Steven J. Lawson shows, Spurgeon preached Reformed theology precisely, but always with a plea to sinners to believe in Christ. In short, Spurgeon taught the truth of the gospel while trusting in its power to save.

Lawson highlights the presence of both emphases throughout Spurgeon's long and fruitful ministry, showing how he tenaciously clung to the gospel, teaching it at all times, even in the midst of controversy and personal suffering.

The focus on the gospel of Charles Spurgeon is a passionate call for Christians to imitate Spurgeon in their love for the gospel, both by studying it and proclaiming it.

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Steven J. Lawson is the founder and president of One Passion Ministries, a ministry designed to bring a new reformation to the church. He is senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Alabama, director of the doctoral program at The Master's Seminary, and professor at Ligonier Academy.


“In addition to being a great preacher, Steve Lawson has become our generation's best writer of biographies of great preachers. His works on John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards are works of art. Steve has a knack for pointing out and explaining the exceptional traits that made each of these preachers truly important and influential. This work on Charles Spurgeon is equally brilliant, highlighting Spurgeon's Calvinist convictions and his evangelistic fervor, showing why those two characteristics are perfectly harmonious and equally essential in any truly biblical ministry. A fascinating work that will increase your enthusiasm for sound doctrine and fervent evangelism.”
— Dr. John MacArthur, pastor and teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

“Charles Spurgeon was a model pastor and theologian. His theology came to life when he called sinners to be reconciled to God. Lawson shows us the need for a theology driven by evangelistic fervor in this excellent text about the prince of preachers.
— Dr. Ed Stetzer, CEO, LifeWay Research, Nashville, Tennessee


Author: Steven J. Lawson

ISBN: 9781950417254

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Number of pages: 144

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