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Steven J. Lawson

The expository genius of John Calvin

The expository genius of John Calvin

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Looking to the past for outstanding preaching that is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and capable of transforming lives, Dr. Steven J. Lawson focuses on Geneva, Switzerland. It was there that John Calvin ministered for decades as a faithful shepherd to a flock of believers.

John Calvin was many things: leader of the Protestant Reformation, theologian, teacher, biblical commentator, and much more. But above all these things, Dr. Steven J. Lawson argues that Calvin was a preacher, and that he gave himself to that role more than any other during more than twenty-five years as a pastor in Geneva, Switzerland.

In The Expository Genius of John Calvin , Dr. Lawson delves into the commitments, practices, and techniques that made Calvin an effective preacher. Lawson identifies thirty-two hallmarks of this reformer's pulpit ministry , providing  comments from Calvin's writings, quotes from Reformation scholars and the example of Calvin's own sermons. In the end, Dr. Lawson calls today's pastors to follow this reformer's example of the strong expository preaching that characterized him.

Here is a detailed portrait of Calvin the preacher : the core beliefs that determined his lifestyle, the steps he took to prepare to preach, and the techniques he used to study God's Word, interpret it, and apply it to his congregation. In the pulpit ministry of this great reformer, Dr. Lawson finds inspiration and guidance for the church today.

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Steven J. Lawson is the founder and president of One Passion Ministries, a ministry designed to bring a new reformation to the church. He is senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Alabama, director of the doctoral program at The Master's Seminary, and professor at Ligonier Academy.


“Through an introductory study of the preaching of John Calvin, Steve Lawson offers us a basic course in Homiletics that can be read in one night, but should be read annually for its lasting impact. Objective but stimulating, simple but penetrating, The Expository Genius of John Calvin contains many biblical and theocentric treasures, providing practical advice for beginning and experienced expositors. In these times of need, may God use you to revitalize preaching so that it remains Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered.”
— Dr. Joel R. Beeke, president and professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“This is an infectious appreciation of the preaching of John Calvin from the pen of Steven Lawson. Everyone who reads this volume will understand the debt we owe to the Geneva Reformer. Lawson has consulted the best scholars of our time and produced a summary of the hallmarks of this reformer's preaching, including a stimulating call for expository and consecutive preaching. “A magnificent achievement.”
— Dr. Derek WH Thomas, senior minister at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

“Calvin's commitment to 'the word of God,' whether it be Scripture or the person of Christ, is well known. However, what has not been given importance is the high view he had of the 'words'—both those of the Old Testament and those of the New Testament in their original language, and of the words of the preacher in his sermons on the sacred text. Steven Lawson's study addresses the latter in great detail, which makes this book very valuable and necessary."
— Dr. Hywel R. Jones, professor at Westminster Seminary California

“The cure for the lack of exposition affecting today's pulpits has been available for 500 years, as Steve Lawson documents in The Expository Genius of John Calvin. Preachers who read this book will be moved to adopt Calvin's belief in the sovereignty of the Word of God, as well as in its complete sufficiency and great power. Additionally, they will be inspired to follow the enriching path of lectio continua. This book is powerful, compelling, and beautifully written. It is a must read for those who wish to preach the Word.”
— R. Kent Hughes, pastor emeritus of Church College, Wheaton, Illinois

“In this book, Dr. Steve Lawson masterfully presents thirty-two key points that make Calvin the best preacher of the Reformation, all of them centered on the Word of God preached expository. It powerfully and profoundly describes how Calvin led his congregation to contemplate the glory of God as he preached verse by verse, and then concluded with prayers filled with the Word. Dr. Lawson is right in saying that because of the spiritual bankruptcy of our time, we need more Calvins. I recommend that this book be read in courses on homiletics and missions for pastors and theology students.”
— Dr. Alonzo Ramírez, professor at the Reformed Biblical Seminary, Peru.


Author: Steven J. Lawson

ISBN: 9781944586515

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